Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why my site is called "Let it Melt"

I have two primary purposes for my blog. The primary purpose is to share with my family and friends some pictures and activities of shared interest. My secondary purpose is to share my unsolicited views on a variety of current events. In this case, global warming.

Do I believe that man has an impact on the warming of the climate? Well, maybe. Or, even probably. If so, thank goodness for it. I say, let it warm up and melt what's left of the ice sheets at the poles. So what if it is warming up. The alternative is devastating: A 3,000 foot tall ice sheet marching its way down Madison Ave in New York or here in Topeka Kansas. The last Ice Age did just that. There are granite bolders the size of cars in the Topeka area that were transported all the way from Canada and dropped here when the ice sheet stopped on our doorstep. Long Island New York is a massive glacial dumping ground of sand, gravel and bolders from the last ice age. Long Island Sound was a fresh water lake until the sea rose nearly 300 feet at the end of the ice age. According to the National Geographic in an issue dedicated to Global Warming, the earth for the past 1,000,000 years has spent about 80% or more of its life in the deep freeze of global cooling. Global warming episodes over the past million years have been the exception, not the rule to life on earth.

And yet, that is exactly what the hysteria of Global Warming alarmists would have us ignore or forget. If we can stave off what is an inevitable global cooling, then thank goodness for it. I for one don't relish the idea of a wall of ice crusing south and crushing everything and everyone in its path.

Let it melt baby!


Claw said...

I like your point. How long do you consider this to not be our problem? When do we have to start looking out for our posterity?

Alyson, Cara and Erik said...

Agreed, I don't want to be a popsicle - I just also hope we don't lose the polar bears. (Frankly I hope to never meet one, but it'd be sad for them to be gone). I trust that God knows what he's doing, and like uncle Glenn said on his comment to another post (along with all of his mumbo jumbo that was so fun to say in my mind) we may have something to do with some of it, but it may come down to nature taking care of itself in ways we don't understand and certainly can't stop.

Love you!

Dad said...

Hey how Alaska. Is it to late for us?? We are having a very cool summer, even by Alaska standards. Record setting in fact. Could it be that the cool down has already started??

The Polar Bears have been there since the last meltdown and freeze up, so I would not worry to much about them. Listing them as endangered accomplishes nothing. We do not hunt them. You can not buy or transport any hides or parts harvested after 1972. So what was the purpose other than to cave to the Greenies, who are into it only for the money that fools send to them in a false sense that they are really making a difference. Like the money that they collected to fight the Talkeetna Moose Dropping Festival. The idiots told everyone we were dropping moose from helicopters. The real scary thing was people actually sent in loads of money!!! When it was all about moose dropping--you know moose poop.

A fool and his money.