Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mom's 80th Birthday

I spent a great weekend in Provo with my extended family, sans brother Glenn who was home sick. We were celebratining my mother's 80th birthday. On Saturday the girls arranged for her to spend the day at various locations so that each of her three generations had special time with her. At the end of the evening we gathered at Virginia's for the traditional birthday cake and a video of Mom hanging out with family in various poses.

This first picture is of mom sharing some personal experiences with her grandchildren over breakfast at my sister Julie's home. (Thanks Scott and Julie for hosting!) We had waffles with strawberries, whipped cream and a variety of syrups, along with bacon and sausages. Everyone did get all they needed or wanted.

We hung around long enough that some grandkids decided go right in for "second breakfast". The grandkids in attendance included: David, Rebecca, Brett, Breanne and Eddy, Scott and Megan, and Kevin. The next picture is of some of them noshing breakast.

After breakfast many stayed and chatted for an hour or so, then they drifted off to their busy Saturday activities. Scott and Megan had to get home to get their kids ready for the great-grand children's lunch with mom. They were going to the bowling alley for lunch in Heber City. I don't have pictures of that. Maybe Christie has a line on those pictures. Mom has copies of "traditional" photographs we can add if there aren't any digital ones available right away.

That evening for dinner we went to Little Italy in Provo. This was for mom and dad and her children. Little Italy is a small Italian deli with a room for meals. Rachel Ray would like it, they don't short you on the garlic. I had a spicy concoction, don't remember the name. Several others had the Lasagna. We just enjoyed the time together talking and enjoying something we rarely get to do: The siblings getting time together with mom and dad. Here is a picture a waiter was gracious enough to take for us.

We all made our way over to Virginia's and Brent's home for Birthday cake. There was a chocolate cake with strawberries and a glaze toping, and a coconut cake. See below for a couple of pics. I especially like the one with the kids all standing around and admiring the cakes!

The great grandkids got into the act when Mom asked them to do the honor of blowing out the candles. Virginia then put on a great digital slide show and video show, with accompanying music. The music really fit the occassion...Virginia, what were the songs? Help!

While I was worried that such a long day with non-stop going here and there with lots of rich food would be too much, I was wrong. Mom and Dad outlasted everyone. They still have it! Thanks Julie, Virginia and Christie for taking on the planning and the implementation. I really enjoyed the trip. It was too short, but worth it.



Virginia said...

Well, Bob, I want to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your blog and looking through your great photos of Mom's 80th Birthday Bash. I was so glad you were able to come all the way from Kansas to eat pasta and birthday cake with us. I know it was a sacrifice, but it just would not have been the same without you. I am still lamenting that Glenn was too sick to attend. I know he must have been really sick, because he would never have missed something like this otherwise. I really felt a spirit of love and comraderie the whole weekend. I wished it could go on and on and on. I sometimes wonder what I did before coming to earth that I should deserve to be part of such an incredible family. I love you all very much.

Let It Melt!!!

Love, Virginia

Glenn said...

I was feeling a lot better by Saturday, but was still contagious according to Mayo Clinic health book, nonetheless, feeling better didn't make it any easier knowing I was missing a special event with my family, who knows when we will get together as siblings again.

Regarding Global Warming, as Theodin King of Rohan lamented at Helm's Deep, "How did it come to this?". There are terrestrial cycles and sub-cycles tied to everything from 11 year and 50 year sunspot cycles, subterranean subduction affecting volcanic activities and earthquakes, terrestrial wobble, to name a few, each contributing to climate patterns. I agree man has an impact, but it's a zero-sum game compared to the power of the sun, the earth, the ocean and tides. It's common sense. I am more concerned, ecologically, about pollution, overfishing, overtaxing our natural resources. We can be better stewards of our world, if I had created it and given it my children, I would be glad about so much productive utilization, and sad for the waste and abuse.

Christie Margetts said...

Nice blog, Bob! Good choice of background and photos. Very good narrative. It will be nice for Glenn. I was very worried that the day would frazzle mom and dad, but you are right. I hope I've got mom's stamina as the years go by. She works at it. No complaining, just moves on day by day with a pace that keeps her going.

Yes, let it melt. I surely don't want to be a popsicle. You should write a column, Bob. I will be looking forward to Kansas Bob's comments, especially with this crazy election looming ahead. McCain sits back and watches the circus now.

It was good to see you and Ed. Too short. We hope we'll see you this summer, if possible.

Much love, Chris

Alyson, Cara and Erik said...

Awesome post, Dad - I really enjoyed hearing about the day with Grandma and all of the aunts, uncles and cousins that I miss. You always did have a great way of expressing yourself - looks like you've still got it too!

I love you!

Dad said...

Hey Bob,
It was a great trip. I loved picking you up at the airport. I thought the best time with others was the guys trip to Heber and Midway. Lunch was great!!!! Feed 4 guys for 14 bucks!! The tip is usually all of that. We really need to do it more often and relaxed. And Glenn next time.


Dad said...

Hey now they want the Bearded Seal on the Endangered list with the Polar Bear, blaming it all on global warming. That just goes to prove that Herr Gobels (the Nazi Propagandist) that if you say something ridicules enough, and say it loud enough and say it long enough pretty soon it will become fact.